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Grey Matters

Solo Album // 2009

2010 debut album from the singer/songwriter Mim Grey.

Grey Matters is an album that evokes the sounds of James Taylor and Joni Mitchell. Already an accomplished singer/songwriter, Mim has performed and recorded with the likes of Paul McCartney, Dave Stewart, Michael Ball, ABC Kylie Minogue and Morcheeba.


Mim Grey returns with her follow-up to her highly enjoyable debut album ‘Grey Matters’. She has also been busy touring with the likes of Tom Jones and Roxette. Like the debut album she is helped out with her co-songwriter Cori Josias, a strong partnership as this album demonstrates.

The main change from the debut is a more expansive sound and some neat instrumental touches here and there. There is breezy pop like ‘Travelling Star’ (a single if ever there was one) and more reflective songs like ‘Melting’, which really reminded me of Sheryl Crow. In fact Mim grey’s sound is a mix if the country-lite of Sheryl Crow and more straight ahead pop tunes. A song like ‘Little Piece Of Glass’ is a definite step up from her debut and good to see some spike in the lyrics with a pop at the music big wigs on ‘Mr Big Man’.

Mim Grey has built on her accomplished debut album and she is going from strength to strength musically. Grab a copy and see what you have been missing.

Jason Ritchie
Purple Sky
The Wind Keeps Callin'
Too Pretty to Cry
Lay your Head Down
Sunday Best
Reachin' Down the Years
One More Time (For Joni)
Billy Boy
Castles in the Snow
Wait 'til The Storm Blows Over